Specialized Manufacture of Heat Exchanger Custom Service

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Customize according to clients’ requirements and related technical parameters


2.Liquid Flow Rate

3.Working Pressure

4.Working Power

5.Inlet and outlet Temperature

6.Connection type/size( optional)

7.Painting Requirement


Follow-up Work

1.A rigorous test and inspection in the trial stage

2.Constantly adjust the products with the practical situation until they are perfectly finished


Industrial boilers have various auxiliary equipment, and the boiler economizer is one of them. The economizer is generally arranged at the rear of the industrial boiler. It heats the saturated water of the industrial boiler feed water through the flue gas at the rear of the boiler. It absorbs the heat of the low-temperature flue gas, reduces the exhaust gas temperature of the flue gas, saves fuel, and improves efficiency. Since most of the early boilers burn coal, it is called the economizer, and also called the economizer in oil and gas fired boilers. Below is an introduction to its main functions.

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