Copper And Copper Alloy Tubes

  • 63/37 Brass Tubes

    63/37 Brass Tubes

    Detail General extrusion production capacity  General specifications of Extruded Fin Tubes Extrusion Facility: 30 finning machines. Daily capacity up to 50000 meters. Extruded fins type: solid plain and serrated.  Tube OD: 12mm min.~50.8mm(2”) max. Tube Length: 18 meters max. Fin Height: 16.5 mm max. Fin Thickness: appr. 0.4mm/0.5mm/0.6mm Fin Pitch: 1.5mm min.   Specifications Extruded Bimetallic Finned Tube is combined with two different materials.  Items General Mater...
  • 70/30 Brass Tubes

    70/30 Brass Tubes

    Product Description Datang manufacture, exports and supplies wide range of  70/30 Brass Tubes used in varied areas. A copper zinc alloy containing tin and small amount of arsenic. This is added as an inhibitor against dezincification. The alloy exhibits a good combinations of strength and ductility and is commonly selected whenever excellent cold working properties and relatively low cost are desirable. 70/30 Brass Tubes are mainly used in Sugar Industries, Ammunition and General Enginee...
  • 70/30 Cupronickel Tubes

    70/30 Cupronickel Tubes

    Product Description Datang manufacture, exports and supplies 70/30 Cupro Nickel Tubes which is a 70% copper 30% nickel alloy, offering improved levels of corrosion resistance in marine and salt water environments. 70/30 Cupro Nickel Tube widely used for Heat Exchangers, High Capacity Power Plants, Ship Building & Ship Repairs, Condensers, Offshore Oil rigs, Distiller Tubes, Evaporators. Technical Specification of 70/30 Cupronickel Tubes :
  • 90/10 Cupronickel Tubes

    90/10 Cupronickel Tubes

    Product Description Datang manufacture, exports and supplies 90/10 Cupro Nickel Tube which have excellent resistance to corrosion in sea water. Besides this, these tubes have high resistance to corrosion and air impingement. Cupro Nickel Tubes have good strength and ductility at ordinary temperatures and relatively high strength at elevated temperatures. 90/10 Cupro Nickel Tubes which are widely used in condensers, coolers, Power Plants, Ship Building & Ship Repairs, and heat exchang...
  • Admirality Brass Tubes

    Admirality Brass Tubes

    Product Description Datang manufacture, exports and supplies Admiralty brass tube which is a Copper Zinc Alloy and constitutes of 30% zinc and 1% tin. Admiralty brass tubes are renowned for their superior corrosion and erosion resistance. Admiralty Brass Tubes are used in many different applications including; air coolers, evaporators, heaters, vent condensers, condensate coolers, water heaters, generators, ship-building, power plants and desalinations plants. Technical Specification of ...
  • Aluminum Brass Tubes

    Aluminum Brass Tubes

    Product Description Datang manufacture, exports and supplies Aluminium Brass Tube, which is a copper zinc alloy with additions of aluminium and arsenic. Aluminium brass tube has excellent corrosion and erosion resistance, making it ideal for use in marine environments. Aluminium Brass Tube are  specified for the manufacture of ships condensers, oil coolers, and other heat exchangers used in aggressive conditions where reliability is essential. Technical Specification of Aluminium Brass T...
  • Copper Tubes

    Copper Tubes

    Copper Tubes Datang exports Copper Tubes for plumbing & refrigeration in full accordance with the appropriate product standards. Sunraj provide Copper Tubes with a complete range of outer diameter and wall thickness combinations, engineered to exact specifications to meet the highest standards of performance as required by the refrigeration and air conditioning industry. These copper tubes are available in a variety of tempers to suit the intended applications. These copper tubes can...