Elliptical Fin Tube With Rectangular Fins Oval Tube

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Elliptical Fin Tube|Elliptical Tube With Rectangular Fins| Hot dipped galvanized oval fin tubes.

This fin tube design utilizes an elliptical shaped tube with an efficient air foil shape to minimize airside flow resistance. These fins have improved performance characteristics compared to round tube types.

The corrosion resistance of these fins will be very high after being hot dip galvanized. These fin tubes are very compact compared to other types of fin tubes and their heat transfer efficiency is significant.

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Size of the Elliptical Finned Tube

● Tube Length: Within 25 Meters

● Tube cross-section dimension: 36mm*14mm

● Tube wall thickness: 2mm

● Fin tube cross-section dimension:55mm*26mm

● Fin Base Thickness: 0.3mm

● Fin Pitch: 416 fins per meter

● Finned Tube material: carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel and other materials

Advantages of This Fin Tubes

It has a very long life compared to other fin tubes.

The steel fins are not sensitive to typical mechanical loads, for example hailstorm or walk on the bundles.

Hot dip galvanization provides corrosion protection.

No-flow regions are avoided by different first and second row fin pitch.

Simple cleaning using high pressure water.

Compact design with high extended surface area ratio.

Oval square fin tube with fin height less than 20mm for heat exchanger.

String Copper or Carbon Steel String Fin Tube In Heat Exchanger Parts String Fin Tube.

String type fin tube (Oval)

Oval finned tube is the cooling element of direct air cooler tube bundle. Because of the particularity of direct air cooler using environment, so it is necessary to have good anti corrosive processing on the surface of air cooler. In order to improve the service life of air cooler, hot dip zinc is used on the surface of Elliptic finned tube anti-corrosion. The quality requirements of Elliptic finned tube hot-dip zinc, not only contains the general requirements of hot-dip zinc parts leaching zinc quality, but also contains the Oval finned tube as the special requirements of cooling element leaching zinc quality. The characteristics of hot-dip zinc coating is that the protective effect on the surface of the substrate of hot dip galvanized steel is much better than a paint or plastic layer. During hot dip zinc, zinc and iron- steel has spread to produce a metallic compound layer which is called layer alloy. Alloy layer has multilayer structures, and the chemical compositions of which are Fe3Zn10 or Fe5Zn21, FeZn7, FeZn13, and etc. Alloy layer and steel as well as alloy and pure zinc layer is called metallurgical combination.

Elliptical finned tube is manufactured by attaching a rectangular fin to a oval tube to significantly increase the heat transfer surface area. Elliptical finned tube has better air flow characteristics than conventional circular finned tube, it is considered as alternatives to circular solid finned tubes in finned tube heat exchanger field. In recent years, it becomes more and more popular in relevant heat exchanger field.


The reflux zone and windward area is much smaller, reduce the hydromechanics on the air side, then reduce the energy consumption.

Inside the heat exchanger equipment, oval tube bundle is more compact than circular tube bundle, so the heat exchanger has smaller volume and is with lower cost.

The fins are not sensitive to typical mechanical loads, for example hailstorm or walk on the bundles.

The rectangular fins are with high strength, protecting the base tube from fracture in winter, prolonging the tube life-span.

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