Fin tube heat exchangers

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Fin tube heat exchangers

1. High heat transfer efficiency. The boundary layer is constantly broken due to the disturbance of fins to the fluid, so it has a large heat transfer coefficient; At the same time, due to the thin partition and fins, which have high thermal conductivity, the finn tube heat exchanger can achieve high efficiency.

2. Compact: Due to the extended secondary surface of the finned tube heat exchanger, its specific surface area can reach 1000m/m3

3. Lightweight: The reason is compact and mostly made of aluminum alloy. Nowadays, steel, copper, composite materials, etc. have also been mass-produced

4. Fin tube heat exchangers with strong adaptability can be used for heat transfer between steam gas, gas liquid, various fluids, and phase change heat transfer with changes in concentration. The arrangement and combination of flow channels can adapt to different heat transfer conditions such as reverse flow, cross flow, multi stream flow, and multi pass flow. The combination of series, parallel, and series parallel between units can meet the heat exchange needs of large equipment. In industry, it can be standardized and mass-produced to reduce costs, and interchangeability can be expanded through modular combinations.

5. Strict manufacturing process requirements: The process is complex. Easy to block, not resistant to corrosion, and difficult to clean and maintain, so it can only be used in situations where the heat exchange medium is clean, corrosion-free, less prone to scaling, deposition, and blockage.

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