Aluminum Copper Alloys Extruded Finned Tube

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Extruded Finned Tube is made from mono extruded copper alloys. Fins are up to 0.400″ (10mm) high. Extruded fin tubes are formed helically out of a mono-metal tube. The result is an integrally formed finned tube with an excellent fin-to-tube uniformity providing exceptional efficiency and longevity. Whether rough service, high temperatures, or corrosive environment, extruded fin tubes are a great option for heat exchanger applications. High Finned Tubes can be annealed to a soft state for bending and coiling. This type of product is excellent for heating, refrigeration, machinery coolers, water-heaters, and boilers.

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Extruded Finned Tube Advantage

Compared with the ordinary wound finned tube, the contact thermal resistance remains stable in a large range with the temperature change, so the heat transfer performance of the bimetallic aluminum extruded finned tube is better than the spiral fin tube in the limit tube wall temperature range.

In addition, compared with the coiled tube, the bimetallic aluminum extruded fin tube has outstanding corrosion resistance and high strength, it can withstand 4.0MPa water pressure cleaning, the fins still do not fall down, the base of the bimetallic aluminum extruded tube. The tube can be selected according to the corrosion of the fluid in the tube and the processing technology. The base tube can be carbon steel, copper, stainless steel, etc.

Extruded Finned Tube Applications

Extruded finned tubes are the main equipment for air coolers and are commonly used as heat exchangers in power plants (electric, nuclear, thermal and geothermal). Steam condensate system. Chemical and petrochemical industries. Food processing plants and refrigeration technology. Industry (steel mills, incinerators, gas compression facilities). Petrochemical, power plant and power plant renovation, air conditioning and refrigeration, boilers, finned tube economizers and air preheaters. Maximum working temperature is 280°C-300°C.

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The Advantages Of Extruded Aluminum Fin Tubes Are As Follows

● Easy to clean with a high-pressure water jet without deforming the fins

● The tube is not mechanically stretched to adhere to the fins

● Uniform and reliable heat transfer

● No galvanic corrosion between the tube and fins

● The fins are vibration resistant

● Perfectly suited to industrial applications

Unequalled quality/price ratio for demanding applications

Reference Parameter

Base Tube Diameter 10mm-51mm
Base tube wall thickness 1.65mm-3mm
Fin Thickness 0.3mm-1.2mm
Fin Pitch 2mm-15mm
Fin Height 5mm-16mm
Base tube material Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Alloy, Titanium, Nickel, Copper etc.
Fin material Aluminum strip, Copper strip

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