Studed Fin Tube Can Improve The Heat Transfer Coefficient Of Flue Gas Side

Bare tube OD:48-124mm

Studded Tube (Pin tube)

Studded tube is also known as the head tube screw ribbed tube. Studded tube is more widely used in the petrochemical industry. Especially, in order to strengthen the heat transfer effect in the outside of the tube, Studded tube is also used in heat transfer components in a tube furnace convection chamber.

Studded tube can improve the heat transfer coefficient of flue gas side. The surface of studded tube is 2 ~ 3 times of the light pipe, so the application of studded tube can obtains the same intensity with heat radiation under the reasonable condition. The company nail head tube equipment adopts resistance welding welding method, welding process is controlled by PLC program, and dividing the feed motor servo motor, nail man-machine interface to set quotas, dividing parameters and compensation coefficient, according to the technological requirements set to ensure product quality and precision.

H type fin tube

Post time: May-05-2022