String Type Fin Tube (Elliptical)

Bare tube general material: Copper, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Bare tube OD: 25-38mm

Fin general material: Copper, Alloy, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Fin pitch: 2.1-3.5mm

Fin height: <20mm

Fin thickness: 0.2-0.5mm

string fin tube
string fin tube1

String Type Finned Tube (Elliptical)

Elliptic finned tube is the cooling element of direct air cooler tube bundle. Because of the particularity of direct air cooler using environment, so it is necessary to have good anti corrosive processing on the surface of air cooler. In order to improve the service life of air cooler, hot dip zinc is used on the surface of Elliptic finned tube anti-corrosion. The quality requirements of Elliptic finned tube hot-dip zinc, not only contains the general requirements of hot-dip zinc parts leaching zinc quality, but also contains the elliptical finned tube as the special requirements of cooling element leaching zinc quality. The characteristics of hot-dip zinc coating is that the protective effect on the surface of the substrate of hot dip galvanized steel is much better than a paint or plastic layer. During hot dip zinc, zinc and iron- steel has spread to produce a metallic compound layer which is called layer alloy. Alloy layer has multilayer structures, and the chemical compositions of which are Fe3Zn10 or Fe5Zn21, FeZn7, FeZn13, and etc. Alloy layer and steel as well as alloy and pure zinc layer is called metallurgical combination.

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