Longitudinal Finned Tube material specifications

Longitudinal Finned Tubes are produced by resistance welding fins in diametrically opposite pairs. The way channels are welded on the external surface of the tube makes them highly efficient.

Longitudinal Finned Tubes are formed from a U channel of material, with the base being pressure rolled and spot welded to the tube or pipe. The number of fins must always be a multiple of four. 

Longitudinal Finned Tube material specifications: 

Materials of tubes: Carbon Steel (A106/A179/A192/A210) Stainless Steel (TP304/TP304L ,TP316/TP316L), Alloy Steel (T11/T22) not limited 

Fins Materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel(TP304/TP304L,TP316/TP316L, TP409/TP410) not limited 

Longitudinal Finned Tube typical sizes: 

Bare tube size: OD 19.05mm-OD60mm 

Fin number: 2/ 4/ 8/ 16/ 18/ 32/ 36 piece per row

Number of fins: 16/20/24/32/40

We supply longitudinal finned tubes for:

double pipe heat exchangers

multi-tube heat exchangers

fire rated heaters

gas coolers

tank heaters 

And we are able to accommodate the requirements of various industries, including oil, power, chemical, and petrochemical.

All our finned tubes can be manufactured from most weldable or brazable materials. The finned pipe is supplied in straight lengths or U bent form. 


For sized tubes, the desired heat transfer surface area (per unit length) can be obtained by specifying the fin height and number of fins.

Post time: Nov-21-2022