L Finned Tube The Thermal Efficiency Higher

The strip material is subjected to controlled deformation under tension giving the optimum contact pressure of the foot of the fin onto the base tube thus maximising the heat transfer properties.

The foot of the fin considerably enhances the corrosion protection of the base tube.

Bare tube general material: Copper, Alloy, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Bare tube OD: 16-63mm

Fin general material: Copper, Aluminum

Fin pitch: 2.1-5.0mm

Fin height: <17mm

Fin thickness: ~0.4mm

L finned tube1

L-type finned tube

L-type finned tube makes the trapezoidal cross-section forming by rolling combine closely   with the heat flux density distribution size. The fins combine tightly with the tube,which makes the thermal efficiency higher and put an end to thermal resistance that brings by the non eliminate contact from segment gap of the string type finned tube.

Working temperature: 230 ℃ 

1. Features: The winding technology improves production efficiency and heat transfer, makes the average fin pitch and higher proportion between fins and tube. At the same time, the base tube can be protected from air erosion.

2. Application: L-type finned tube mainly used in petrochemical, electric power, paper making, tobacco, building heating and other industry such as air cooler, air heater and air heater of food industry, plant starch spray drying system.

Post time: May-05-2022